Digital X-ray

Our comprehensive medical services include digital radiography, which has improved our productivity by eliminating much of the film processing time and retakes. Because the image captured by our equipment is displayed in seconds on the monitor, our technologist recognizes instantly whether the proper position has been captured.

There is no longer the need to work with film impressions. The streamlined process means your x-rays are processed more quickly and provide our physicians with faster, more accurate details so we can respond to your needs quicker.

As medical practices move closer to an all-digital environment, healthcare organizations face the challenge of acquiring leading-edge technology to meet growing government regulations. We are doing our part to stay ahead of the curve with our own digital radiography.

The digital imaging system allows our physicians, physician assistants, and technologist to gain electronic access to any image, anywhere and at any time. For your security, all images are stored on our own PACS system.