Hip Surgery Overview

We offer a few hip surgery options to our patients:

  • Computer-Assisted Hip Replacement SurgeryIn this minimally-invasive surgical procedure, the surgeon replaces the hip joint with the aid of a computer-guidance system. The system aids the surgeon in preparing and aligning the joint with the highest degree of accuracy.Find Out More
  • Revision Hip SurgeryThis surgery replaces worn artificial hip parts and damaged bone with new metal, plastic or ceramic components. The new components restore normal hip joint stability.Find Out More
  • Total Hip Replacement, Anterior ApproachThis surgery replaces diseased and damaged portions of the hip with implants designed to restore function to the hip joint. The surgeon uses an incision on the anterolateral part of the hip, instead of a more traditional incision on the side or back of the joint.Find Out More
  • Total Hip ReplacementWe also specialize in total hip replacement surgeries. We have to boast: Dr. Schmidt is one of eight surgeons nationwide on the design team for a first-in-class total hip replacement system called the ARC.Find Out More
  • Hip ArthroscopyDr. Lee specializes in the arthroscopic treatment of hip disorders. Hip arthroscopy is a technique that allows the surgeon to evaluate and treat hip conditions with use of small arthroscopic instruments rather than larger open incision.Find Out More