New Patient Information

Before your visit:
Find the location of the office.

  • Arrive 20 minutes prior to your scheduled appointment if you have completed the downloaded forms.
  • Arrive 35 minutes prior to your scheduled appointment if your have not completed these forms.

What you should bring to your appointment:

Bring your current insurance cards. If you have no insurance, a minimum of $350.00 will be collected at time of appointment.
Your driver’s license or other photo ID to be scanned into your file in order to protect your identity.
Personally bring x-rays, test results and records from other physicians if pertinent to the visit. We cannot always depend on others to get this information to the office in time for your appointment.
A list of your medications and herbal supplements with dosages.
A list of your allergies and the kind of reaction you have had to each medication.
The completed forms that have been downloaded from this website. These are required to be completed if you have never been seen in our office before. A new copy of these forms must be completed each calendar year.
Co-pay for your visit as required by your insurance. We accept cash, check, MasterCard, Visa and Discover and American Express.

If this is a work related injury:

Bring a copy of the first report of your injury including your claim number.
You will also need to provide us with your health insurance information. This will protect you if workers’ compensation contests or denies your claim. We can at that point bill your insurance company. Otherwise, the bill becomes your responsibility.
If workers’ compensation never contests or denies your claim for this injury, then we will not use your health insurance information. It is for your protection.

Patient information and health history form – update annually

Credit collection policy