Total Hip Replacement

We also specialize in total hip replacement surgeries. We have to boast: Dr. Schmidt is one of eight surgeons nationwide on the design team for a first-in-class total hip replacement system called the ARC. This system spares significant tissue and bone loss. Using this system has many potential benefits, notably the unique hip stem, which is primarily designed to save as much of the patient’s own bone as possible during total hip replacement.

What does that mean for you? Minimal bone loss. The ARC hip system works effectively with Dr. Schmidt’s anterior approach. Being modular in design allows the surgeon the flexibility to put the center of rotation exactly where it should be, which can provide a more stable hip. Unlike so-called “mini” hip stems that only save a small amount of bone in the shaft of the femur, the ARC hip stem is designed to save the critical structures of the femoral neck which are responsible for stabilizing the hip as it moves in its natural motion. When used with the anterior approach, this stem saves both bone and soft tissue structures that must be removed or cut when using conventional or “mini” hip stems. Dr. Schmidt has been a pioneer with this technique, becoming the first surgeon in the western United States using this system.